SnowCastle of Kemi


The SnowCastle of Kemi by the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors. Every winter - year 2017 for the 22st time in a row -the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike.

Great light-effects will add charm of the snow- and ice-sculpting as well as to the structures about the SnowCastle. The SnowRestaurant, SnowChapel and SnowHotel are all situated in the SnowCastle area in Kemi Inner harbour.

22.1. - 9.4.2017 SnowCastle is open daily at 10-18.

SnowCastle Exhibition

Open  until 21.1. daily 11-15 and 22.1.-9.4.2017 daily at 11-17

SnowRestaurant | Taxari Travel Agency

The SnowRestaurant is open from 22.1. on to the visitors of the SnowCastle daily from 10 am – 6 pm. At the IceBar you can enjoy both hot and cold drinks as well as eat little bites of sweet or something light and salty. If you wish to enjoy a delicious meal (lunch 11-14 or dinner at 19) at the ice-table, please remember that reservations must always be made in advance.

In the past many birthday-parties for children have taken place in the SnowRestaurant and often the Restaurant has been reserved for private parties. You can also rent the various size cabinets of the SnowRestaurant privately. There are altogether 200 seats in the cabinets.

The temperature in the Restaurant is always about -5 degrees Celsius and we do recommend you to dress warmly, f. ex. in quilted / thermal overalls and thick-soled warm shoes. Also, gloves and a cap are necessary.

SnowHotel | Taxari Travel Agency

In the SnowHotel there are rooms for singles, couples as well as bigger groups. All rooms are superior and suite are made completely of snow, beautifully lighted and decorated. The whole SnowHotel and the rooms inside are made of snow.

The fresh, about  -5 degrees Celsius breathing-air, will guarantee you sweet dreams inside a well-equipped sleeping-bag on a good bed. You will have a memorable sleeping-experience in the SnowHotel!

Sleeping in the SnowHotel includes also breakfast served inside the warm CastleLounge and morning shower.

SnowChapel | Taxari Travel Agency

Over its history of over twenty years the SnowChapel has become a long-time favourite for the visitors of the SnowCastle; it is a good place to quiet one’s mind and calm down.

The Chapel is ecumenical and is available for all church-groups. You can arrange wedding-, christening- or other church-related events there.

Over the years dozens of couples from around the world have had their wedding in the SnowChapel. Many visitors have left with warm memories from the SnowChapel. There are 60 seats in the Chapel.

Arttu and Terttu | Taxari Travel Agency

The SnowCastle mascots Arttu and his spouce Terttu wake up every winter to cheer up the SnowCastle visitors. You´ll meet them daily at the SnowCastle - Mon-Fri at 12-15, weekends at 11-15, every full hour.

SnowTube slide
Huge SnowTube is one of our favourite spots in the SnowCastle - for both children and adults. For the little ones there is also smaller tubes to test!

SnowCastle | Taxari Travel Agency

Something is always happening in the SnowCastle!

During the SnowCastle-season there are weekly events and during the week-ends there will be pre-arranged activities etc. Performances and events in the SnowCastle are for both adults and especially for the smallest in the family.

The weekly events are open for all visitors with the ticket for the day in the SnowCastle. Along the years there have been many famous artists to entertain the visitors of the SnowCastle.