Vuokatti is a population center belonging to the Local District of Sotkamo and it is located at a distance of about 7 km from the center of Sotkamo. Surrounded by frozen lakes, Vuokatti is a major ski training area, especially for Finnish ski jumpers and skiers.

Two of the dozen chair-lifts to be found in Finland are here, one of them a quad, and there is an excellent tourist infrastructure including a lovely pool complex.

Vuokatti is the center of tourism life and sports and fitness activities in the Local District of Sotkamo. Vuokatti it renown as a versatile and year-round center of tourism.

There is good reason for calling Vuokatti a center of winter sports as it is home to the world’s first ski tunnel and an indoor snowboarding half-pipe, both of which make it possible to ski and snowboard in the summer when in Vuokatti.

Thanks to the presence of Vuokatti Sports Institute and the Katinkulta holiday resort, Vuokatti offers a unique selection of indoor activities. Vuokatti is a versatile destination the year round.

Vuokatti Ski Resort


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