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Kemi, situated in Sea Lapland, in the centre of the Bothnian Arc, where is about 820 000 inhabitants. It is easy to come to Kemi and fall in love with the city: come by airplane, by train or travelling on the motorway, all roads lead to Kemi. Kemi, housing the only deepwater harbour in Lapland, is highly competent in addressing the needs of the business sector in the region. Kemi is the gate to the riches in Lapland.

Kemi also has a theatre, city orchestra, regional art museum, indoor swimming pool, ice stadium, indoor football ground, golf course and a yachting centre. It is home to two world famous attractions – Icebreaker Sampo and Kemi SnowCastle.

Kemi facts

Date of establishment: 5.3.1869
Citizens:  (as of 31.12.2017) 21 256
Area: 747 km²
Land area: 95 km²
Parish: Kemi-Tornio
Province: Lapland
Municipal tax: 21,75 %

Kemi in summer

River Kemijoki

Kemijoki with its 550 km length, is the longest river in Finland. It runs through Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi before reaching the Gulf of Bothnia at Kemi. At Rovaniemi the Ounasjoki river merges with Kemijoki.

The first hydroelectric plant on Kemijoki was constructed in 1946 at Isohaara. A total of 15 power plants have been constructed so far. The plants are owned by Kemijoki Oy andPohjolan Voima Oy. In 2003 the plants produced a total of 4.3 TWh, which was about 34.5% of Finland’s total hydroelectric production. Kemijoki is also the widest river in Finland, as its average width from Rovaniemi to sea is 570 m.

Snow Castle of Kemi

Since 1996 we have built this incredible Castle every winter, using only snow and ice from sea water as building material. Within the snowy walls, there opens up shining white pathways, leading the visitor to fairytale-like sceneries. Gorgeous snow sculptures, one more beautiful than the other, decorate the Castle walls. Overnight in the SnowCastle with gorgeously decorated snow rooms, is a true arctic adventure. When the castle closes it`s doors, the all-year-round SnowExperience365 in new main building stays open in every season!

The 2020 SnowCastle will be open between
January 18. and April 15. of 2020

SnowCastle is open daily at 10-18.


The first SnowCastle 1996 was a gift from UNICEF and the City of Kemi to all the children in the world. Everybody in Finland knows the wintry snow, but the majority of children in the world have never seen or experienced what snow is like. And thus the idea of snow stimulates the imagination of every child: what snow looks like, what does it feel and taste like? This was the basic idea when the very first
SnowCastle was developed. This SnowCastle also earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records with its 1 100 meter long walls, and an astonishing number of 273 000 people visited the fascinating world within these world-renowned walls!

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