Saariselkä has Europe’s largest wilderness. The Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of our largest conservation areas and is a popular destination for outdoor pursuits: lakes and rivers, hundreds of fells, hills, swamps and bogs and the magic created by seasons and light. Untouched nature inhabited by bears, wolverines, wolves and other elusive animals.

In the Saariselkä fell village all high standard services, hotels, restaurants and activities are within walking distance of one another. Here you will discover fantastic opportunities for a thrilling, refreshing and invigorating holiday! 

Downhill skiing on two fells

Saariselkä is very traditional and peaceful tourism center. The downhill slopes and ski lifts are situated on two opposite fell slopes. From both off the fells, Kaunispää and Iisakkipää, the slopes run to the same canyon. That is why it is easy to see the whole slope area at one glance from the fell top. 

From the center of Saariselkä it is approximately 1 km distance to the ski lifts. During the skiing season Skibus drives between the village, cabins, and ski lifts many times per day. From the top of the fell Kaunispää it is possible to ski via transition slope directly to the center of the village. 

Saariselkä Ski Resort

Kaksiauttanen Glass Igloo village

In winter, from December until April, in the proximity to Hotel Kakslauttanen is the famous Igloo Village. In the Igloo Village there are Snow Igloos, an Ice Gallery, Ice Bar, Ice Chapel and World’s Largest Snow Restaurant for 150 persons. There are also unique Glass Igloos.

Inside a snow igloo it is totally quiet and the lights illuminate the Igloo’s walls. These make the atmosphere so exciting that you’ll never get bored of marveling it. The temperature inside Snow Igloo stays between -3 and -6 celsius degrees. The Glass Igloos have been built from a very special thermal glass. Because of that, the temperature inside the Igloo is always close to an average room temperature. The glass doesn’t get frosted and the view stays clear even when the temperature outside drops under -30 C.

Every year the best ice sculptors of the world gather to Kakslauttanen to participate to the international ice-sculpting week. Ice-sculpting event takes place at the Ice Gallery and Igloo Village every December and the results of the weeks can be seen in the Ice Gallery through the winter.

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