The uniqueness of Salla is best experienced when you find your way to the top of a fell. The incredible scenery and fell nature open up in front of you, with a view stretching all the way to Russia. On top of the fell, within your grasp, you can also find the main element, i.e. our well-groomed network of slopes, with various alternatives for beginners and experienced skiers alike. There are also pleasant, small-scale rest stops offering refreshments in various parts of the fells for cross-country skiers. And everything within easy reach!

Salla Ski Resort is a compactly sized package with enough variety for everyone. Families, snowboarders and New School skiers enjoy the blue runs on the eastern side of the fell and the red ones on the front side, as well as the Snow Park. For more proficient skiers, there are plenty of runs on the back of the fell as well as a slalom slope, challenging enough to serve even as a practice ground for world class alpine teams. The bunny slope for children is located safely at the base of the slope on the front side, in the immediate vicinity of the Keloravintola Restaurant. Located in the same area is the Ski Service Centre, with an equipment rental and maintenance shop specialising in all snow activities, as well as a ski school with expert instructors for any form of snow-based sport. Under the same roof are a Ski Shop and Cafe. The Ski Resort restaurants and most accommodation are within walking distance of the lowest ski lift station.

Salla’s versatile, high-level tourist services guarantee all the comforts of home, but still allow you to detach yourself completely from your ordinary everyday life. No compromises are made on amenities and services – on the contrary! In Salla, you can lay your head on a soft pillow either in a hotel or a cabin, available in a variety of standards and sizes. Restaurant services, shops, and any other services a demanding tourist may need are all close at hand. In the idyllic Salla, you’ll feel right at home. Life is just a little different in the wilderness; there, you can breathe at the same pace as the vastness around you.

Salla Ski Resort

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