Ski Resort Iso Syöte

Located on Finland’s southernmost fells and surrounded by the forested landscapes of Syöte National Park, the Iso Syöte Ski Resort offers visitors the chance to experience the best of Finnish winter. Known for having the most snow annually in Finland, at Iso Syöte Resort you can enjoy the thrills of speed on its well-groomed slopes, there are 17 in all, or explore the natural paradise surrounding the resort and the silence and peace to be found there. 

Ski Resort Iso-Syöte has 17 slopes that cater for all skill levels, served by 8 lifts. For example, the back slopes provide long and challenging runs for more experienced skiers and snowboarders, while Slope #3 is not groomed for those who like powder runs. Also on the back slopes is Freeride Park, the perfect playground for free skiers and snowboarders! The other Iso Syöte snowparks have something for everybody, providing a great variety of freestyle terrain, and includes the Burton Riglet Park, MiniStreet, JibPark and Iso-Syöte SnowPark. Near the base of the fells you’ll find Snow World, perfect for families and kids! 

Syöte National Park

Surrounding the ski resort, Syöte National Park covers almost 300 km2 of forests and fells, with many mires of different types. Most are North Ostrobothnian aapa bogs, but some are hanging bogs unique to the region. The region claims the oldest dated rock formations in the EU, in Siuruankylä, where the trondhjemite gneiss has been aged to 3.5 billion years.

The unique landscape of Syöte National Park, with its rugged hills, special bogs on hill tops and slopes, and its chain of old-growth spruce forests, creates an ideal setting for hikers and mountain bikers, while offering great opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoe excursions – there are 120 km well-groomed cross-country skiing tracks and hiking trails in the region. Visitors can also enjoy snowmobile safaris, visit husky farms and try their hand at husky sledding, and visit reindeer farms for a more relaxed reindeer sleigh ride through the forests in this untouched wilderness.


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