This snowmobile safari will give you a chance to ride your own snowmobile on the trails around
Levi area. During the tour we will make a stop in the old Reindeer Farm, where you can see the
animals and the guide will share the stories about reindeer herding. You will experience a short
reindeer ride on 1 km, 2 adults will ride in 1 sleigh. You can take plenty of photos during your visit.
Hot drink and a homemade sweet bun will be served indoors in the old farm house.
Duration of the program is approximately 3 hours, driving distance is about 25 km. The average
speed during our short tours is limited due to the safety and traffic regulations. Two adults ride on
one snowmobile, single riding supplement for extra charge. The tour is suitable for families with
children; Children are traveling in the sledge pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.


144 €
Duo drive
193 €
Solo drive
102 €
4 – 14 years old ( in the sled behind the snowmobile)
Person under 14 years old is considered as a child

Time: 14.00-17-00

Day: Every day

Duration: 3 h

Minimum: 2 persons paying  the full pice

Season: December – April

Distance: max 30 km

Price includes:  guiding in English/Finnish and rental of complete rental  safari’ s outfit  (thermal clothing, overalls, boots , socks, undercap, gloves and  helmets), hot drink and sweet bun, reindeer slegh ride 1km.

Location: Levi

Self-liability is max EUR 900/person/snowmobile/accident.

Terms and conditions

Booking conditions:

The reservations should be made preferably 2 days in advance.
Programmes are organised with min 2 attendants (min. 2adults).


Child discount on snowmobile programs is applicable for 4-14 years old.

Guiding and meeting point:

Safaris and excursions can be guided in English/Finnish. It is the customer’s responsibility to know basic English in order to understand the instructions.
If the customer does not understand any of the instructions, Wild Nordic shall reserve the right to refuse the customer ́s participation based on safety concerns and necessity to communicate in English during any emergency situation.

Tours start from Safari Club located next to Levi Tourist Info (Myllyjoentie 2, 99130 Levi).

Please arrive 15 minutes before the departure of your tour. No refund of the tours will be made if the customer misses to arrive on time. We have the
right to charge reasonable expenses arising from such neglect to follow the timetable of the program.


The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 15 years old and hold a valid A
or B driver’s license (i.e. car or motorbike). The driving license must be valid in EU countries. Customers shall bring their valid driving licenses for participating in snowmobiling.

The snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the
snowmobile. The customer is held liable for a maximum liability of 900 €
per person in case of accident. If the customer purchases insurance from
safari company for 15 € (subject to change as advised by Wild Nordic), then the
maximum liability of the customer shall be reduced to 150 € per person.

Customers are highly encouraged to purchase personal travel insurance
(which covers insurance for the activities to be participated);

If a customer suffers from illness or disabilities (such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, back or hip problems) that could affect his/her ability to take part in the activities or that she is pregnant, he/she shall prior to participating in the activities consult medical experts as to his/her suitability to participate in the activities. The customer shall acknowledge that he/she participate in the activities to be offered in the Services at his/her own risk in the case that
he/she suffers from such illness or disability or pregnancy

If a customer is recovering from any illness or the effects of alcohol and/or drug consumption or have recently had any major illnesses or surgery, safari provider shall reserve the right to refuse the customer ́s participation based on safety concerns. We have 0 tolerance for alcohol and drugs during the activities.

Snowmobile safaris are not suitable for pregnant women due to vibrations as a result of uneven tracks and the presence of exhaust fumes of the snowmobiles.

Safari company shall not be responsible for any valuables of the customers left in the public area /office facilities while participating in the activities.


Snowmobile safari guests will be equipped with complete outfit, thermal clothing: overalls, boots ,socks, undercaps, gloves and helmets.

Weather conditions:

Snowmobile safaris are subject to change due to weather conditions. As a responsible safari organiser Taxari Travel Agency Ltd reserves the right to change the route, price and the duration of the safari trip without prior announcement.


All prices are quoted in Euro (€) and include Finland’s Value Added Tax.


When the reservation is confirmed, 100% proforma invoice will be charged. Reservation is confirmed when the payment is made.
In case the payment is not received in due date, we have the right to cancel the reservation.

Terms of payment:

100% deposit to be charged when confirming the booking.

Cancellation rules:

More than 31 days prior to arrival – 10% reservation fee to be charged.
30-14 days prior the arrival: 50% from the total amount to be charged.
Less than 14 days prior the arrival: 100% from the total amount to be charged.

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