The Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise – Our most popular tour in SeaLapland!

The Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise is most popular activity in SeaLapland, because it is really Arctic adventure! Get straight into the action with a 3-hour burst into the frozen sea with our Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise. Experience the ship breaking ice ruthlessly and take a swim in the frigid cold ocean water. Sampo Arctic Icebreaker will be an experience of a lifetime!

Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise 3h

The three-hour Sampo Arctic Icebreaker cruise is great for those who want to focus on the arctic icebreaking adventure and the beauty of the Finnish winter in Lapland. Our staff will give a concise presentation of the Sampo Arctic Icbreaker. Admire the beauty of vast open ice fields as the huge vessel breaks the thick ice. Try Arctic Ice floating amongst the ice of the frigid cold sea and not even feel the coldness! You’ll be warm and safe inside a special survival suit that the staff will provide you with on the ship for your swim. Cruise guests get free entrance to the Kemi SnowCastle on the cruise date so you can extend the fun from the Icebreaker Sampo to SnowCastle.

What’s included?

  • Arctic Ice floating
  • Presentation of the Sampo Arctic Icebreker
  • Sampo Icebreaker Diploma
  • Entrance to the Kemi SnowCastle on cruise date
  • Transfer from Kemi-Tornio hotels

Available extras:

  • Lunch on shore: Book a lunch buffet in our new seaview restaurant LumiHiutale in the SnowCastle main building.

Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise 4h 

Get the complete luxury Sampo Arctic Icebreaker experience with a guided tour of the ship and a delicious buffet meal in the ship’s restaurant.

The four-hour Sampo Arctic Icebreaker Cruise offers the complete luxury icebreaker experience.

Feel the by-gone glory of the vessel on a guided tour from the Captain’s bridge all the way down to the engine rooms of this moving museum. You will learn so much about Sampo Arctic Icebreaker!

Enjoy our delicacies with a scrumptious buffet meal served in the Arctic Restaurant aboard the ship. The view is a gorgeous sight of the Finnish winter and it’s wonderful to enjoy whilst eating.

Try Arctic Ice floating amongst the ice of the frigid cold sea in hole broken by the icebreaker into the frozen solid sea! You’ll be floating comfortably, because a warm and safe special survival suit will be keeping you warm. 

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What’s included?

  • Buffet meal on board
  • Guided tour
  • Arctic Ice floating
  • Sampo Icebreaker diploma
  • Transfer from Kemi-Tornio hotels

Please note

The ice floating event has a minimum height requirement of 145cm




280 € / adult /3h cruise with transfer.

170 € / child 3-11years old

379 € / adult /4h cruise with transfer.

230 € / child 3-11years old

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Duration: 3 and 4 hours cruises are  available


Time: According to timetable of cruises

Day:  According cruise calender                               

Minimum: 1 person (paying a full price)

Season: December – April

Location: Kemi

Price includes transfer to/from the harbor to your hotel in Kemi or Tornio.


The  cruise reservations must be made in advance. When making your reservations, please provide us the following information of each participant: gender, forename, surname, nationality  and  date of  the birth.


Requirements for swimming/floating, height  minimum 145 cm.


About the Icebreaker Sampo 

The Icebreaker Sampo used to be in the service of the State of Finland until the year 1987. During the guided tour you will hear plenty of interesting details of the Icebreaker, about ice and breaking the ice etc. You get to experience the Icebreaker Sampo in the midst of vast open arctic sea-scenery!

3 and 4-hour cruises starts from the Port of Ajos which is located about 11 km south from the city centre of Kemi. The passenger capacity on board the Icebreaker Sampo is 160 persons.


  • Due to the safety reasons only about 15 clients are allowed to go floating at the same time. Your personal floating time is noted in the tailored cruise timetable you will receive upon arrival.
  • Swimming/floating event is voluntary but we highly recommend it for it is an utterly unique experience.
  • Please note that for swimming/floating minimum height is 145 cm.
  • The staff will help each client to get dressed to the impermeable survival suit.
  • Please remember: in the middle of the icy sea you will only be able to float, but not to swim! The staff will be close to you at all times.


To prepare for the arctic winter time and activities, we highly recommend you to dress in warm layered underwear and thick outdoor clothing as in addition of enjoying the inside of the Icebreaker you will also be able to go outside on the deck to see and feel the arctic scenery around, as well as watch how the icebreaker in fact breaks the ice! If during the cruise ice and weather conditions are appropriate, clients will be allowed in conjunction of the swimming/floating event to also walk on the ice. A warm hat, wool socks, good mittens and a fleece- or wool jacket are part of proper winter clothing.

Terms and conditions


The reservations should be made in advance preferably 90 days before cruise. Sampo activity is very popular and many dates fully booked 1year before departure.


0-2 year olds, free of charge.
Child discount on Sampo Icebreaker is applicable for children 3-11 years old.


Excursion will be guided in English/Finnish, other languages upon request.
You will be picked up by Taxari Travel guide from your hotel or railway station.

Thermal clothing:

During the cruise is recommended to dress up the warm multilayered outerwear.


All prices are quoted in Euro (€) and include Finland’s Value Added Tax.


When the reservation is confirmed, 100% proforma invoice will be charged. Reservation is confirmed when the payment is made.
In case the deposit is not received in due date, we have the right to cancel the reservation.

Cancellation rules:

More than 91 days prior to arrival – 10% reservation fee to be charged.
90-31 days prior the arrival: 50% from the total amount to be charged.
Less than 30 days prior the arrival: 100% from the total amount to be charged.
All cancelations / changes must be made in writing and dated, within the office hours in Finland (8-16, +2GMT).

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