Welcome to the SnowHotel!

Sleeping overnight in a beautifully lighted and decorated SnowHotel room built completely out of snow and ice will surely give you one of the most unique Arctic Experiences. The temperature is always around -5 degrees Celsius but the comfortable bed with a white sheet, a lambskin cover and a sleeping bag designed for Arctic conditions ensures a good night’s sleep in the fresh winter air.

 The SnowHotel, accommodates both individuals and groups.

The temperature in the SnowCastle room is about -5 degrees Celsius, regardless of the weather outside. When you are ready to retire to your room for sleeping, the personnel will instruct you of the proper procedures as to how to prepare for sleeping in these unique circumstances. A ski cap is necessary, long underwear and dry socks; your outer garment you’ll fold under your sleeping bag – and you will sleep like a baby, breathing in fresh air in a room quieted by thick snow-walls!
All necessary equipment will be provided to you in order that you enjoy a great night. Overnight in the SnowCastle, breakfast in the warm restaurant area, overnight guiding and SnowCastle Diploma.Our staff at your service 24 h, you can also book a Northern Lights alert!



The 18th of January 2020 – the 15th of April 2020

Suite (1-2 persons) – 430 EUR/ room / night

Extra bed – 85 EUR


Instructions to guests of the SnowHotel
  • Check-in possible from 10 a.m., rooms available at 7 p.m. after the SnowCastle closes. Usually the time to go the rooms for the night is about 21-22. Check-out next morning before 10 a.m.
  • Toilets are located to the warm Castle Lounge.
  •  Breakfast is served in the warm restaurant
  • Morning shower for hotel guests is included. Towels provided.
Useful information about SnowHotel
  •  Constructions are made of snow. Temperature inside the hotel room and restaurant is -5ºC, regardless of temperature outside. Proper winter clothing is needed also during the meal.
  •  Sleeping bags are suitable for arctic conditions and they include convertible fleece thermal linen.
  • Recommended clothing during the overnight: ski cap or hat, socks, long underwear.
  • When going to sleep, place your outer wear between the sleeping bag and the bed. Your body heat keeps them warm and you will feel comfortable getting dressed in the morning.
  • Luggage storage is provided in the Castle Lounge. Bring only necessary things to the room, please note that rooms are open to the public during opening hours!
  • Guests coming outside of Finland need their passport for filling up accommodation cards.
  • Smoking in rooms is forbidden. The SnowHotel is equipped with smoke detectors. In case of alert, signal can be heard all over the SnowCastle.
  • Corridors and exits are marked with signs and safety lightning.
  • The hotel is being checked for safety and repaired if necessary throughout the season.