Keminmaa is located in the far end of the Bothnian Bay spreading out on the both sides of the River Kemi and it has the population of ca. 9000 inhabitants. Through the Keminmaa area flows the longest river in Finland, the River Kemi, which also runs through the whole Lapland. Keminmaa is an old established salmon parish with roots that go back to the early part of the last millenium when Keminmaa was the center of the so-called Lapland of Kemi.

Foundations of two churches, discovered in 1981, show that there was permanent settlement at the mouth of the river Kemi as early as in the 14th century. St. Michael’s Church, built in the early 16th century, is still used in the summer season.

Wide and diverse nature on the both sides of the River Kemi attract for physical exercise, and other leisure time interests such as fishing, boating, berry and mushroom picking. Other popular activities include cycling or just leisurely wandering along the paths, as well as in-line skating. In winter it is time for ice fishing on both frozen sea and river, crosscountry skiing on the terrain or on ice as well as downhill skiing in Kallinkangas. Naturally, the municipality has excellent facilities for different sports too.