Kemi is a city of almost 23 000 inhabitants. Kemi lies within easy reach, thanks to excellent connections It is easy to come and fall in love with Kemi. You can reach it by air, rail or road – all roads lead to Kemi.  Kemi has the only deep-water harbor in Lapland so it is capable of addressing the needs of the business sector.

Kemi is the centre of trade and services in Sea Lapland. It houses the paper mills of Stora Enso and Metsä-Botnia and Outokumpu’s Kemi mine. Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park offers top-flight expertise for use by the industrial sector. The city centre has a number of special stores famous throughout the region so it also attracts people from far away areas.

Kemi also has a theatre, city orchestra, regional art museum, indoor swimming pool, ice stadium, indoor football ground, golf course and a yachting centre. It is home to two world famous attractions – ice breaker Sampo and Kemi Snow Castle.

Winter in Kemi Finland

Summer in Kemi Finland

Kemijoki with its 550 km length, is the longest river in Finland. It runs through Kemijärvi and Rovaniemi before reaching the Gulf of Bothnia at Kemi. At Rovaniemi the Ounasjoki river merges with Kemijoki.

River Kemijoki

The first hydroelectric plant on Kemijoki was constructed in 1946 at Isohaara. A total of 15 power plants have been constructed so far. The plants are owned by Kemijoki Oy andPohjolan Voima Oy. In 2003 the plants produced a total of 4.3 TWh, which was about 34.5% of Finland’s total hydroelectric production. Kemijoki is also the widest river in Finland, as its average width from Rovaniemi to sea is 570 m.

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