Ounasvaara is a family ski resort close by the city of Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle. Besides the downhill skiing slopes there are also several maintained cross-country skiing tracks in the area. Downhill skiing is relaxed, and there are plenty of alternatives including horse and reindeer-drawn sleigh rides. The Sky Hotel is located at the top of the lifts.

In the summer time you can enjoy the speed by summer-tobogganing or by down-hill biking. From the top of Ounasvaara hill there is a beautiful landscape to be seen throughout the year.

Facts about Ounasvaara Ski Resort

Ounasvaara Ski Resort has got eight slopes – the longest track 600 meters in length. Ounasvaara hill HD is 140 meters. There are five lifts, a good-grade Halfpipe and a Street with many rails and boxes for both beginners and advanced downhill skiers there. Ounasvaara has been the breeding ground and the home hill for example for world-famous alpinist Tanja Poutiainen and snowboarder Antti Autti. We constantly develop the function of the Street with several “old hands” at skiing. Your opinion will also be considered! The video take below was shot last spring and it shows beside Ounasvaara also the many activities of Santasport.

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