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The Arctic SnowHotel

The SnowHotel – as the name suggests – is made of snow and ice. You can sleep in a warm sleeping bag safe from the cold and dark winter night. Frost will not spoil the enchanting peace and quiet of the rooms because the temperature always stays between 0 and −5 ºC, even in extremely cold weather.

The Arctic Snow Hotel’s snow rooms are for two persons. The furniture in the snow rooms is basically made of snow. The beds have been made more comfortable with soft and warm clothes and the rooms have electric lights. The toilet and shower facilities are in the main log building – Lumikartano.

There are also few warm beds next to the snowhotel if you feel that sleeping in a snow room is just a bit too exciting.

As a special treat, we offer accommodation in snow suites, which are decorated with snow art and sculpture, among other things.

The suites are extremely well suited for memorable events, such as wedding nights and other very special occasions. The breakfast is served in Lumikartano.

The Arctic SnowHotel provides you with an overnight package that includes a guided tour around the SnowHotel, overnighting instructions, warm and high-quality sleeping bags with fleece interior bags, shower and toilet facilities, a wake-up service including a hot drink, a breakfast in the Log Restaurant, and a diploma on spending the night beneath snow and ice in arctic conditions.

In addition we can offer our guests an optional northern lights “Aurora alarm” service, which is free of charge.


A room for two persons:
Adults: 130 Eur / person
Children: 80 Eur / person

A room for one person: 180 Eur

Suite: 350 Eur/ Room 1-2 persons

A room for a family or group (for 4-5 persons):
Adults: 130 Eur / person
Children: 80 Eur / person