"Extreme in Lapland", 3 nights

Dates: 20.1. – 15.4.2019

Region: Kemi – Tornio

Program description:

1. DAY


  • Arrival to Kemi Airport and welcome by our guide
  • Snowmobile safari to Kemi (about 10 km):
  • Our guide will help you put on warm safari clothes: a snowsuit, socks, boots, gloves, a balaclava and a helmet. After driving instructions are given the exotic safari directly from the airport can begin! You will travel through snowy forests and over ice-covered sea towards your hotel in Kemi.
  • Check In
  • Dinner at Hotel
  • Overnight at Hotel Scandic/ Merihovi

2. DAY


  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Snowmobile safari to Sampo Icebreaker and evening entertainment at Savota:
  • We´ll meet you at your hotel. Wearing warm safari clothes – a snowsuit, socks, boots, gloves, a balaclava and a helmet – snowmobile safari to the Sampo icebreaker begins. You´ll speed along the snow-covered ice to meet the magnificent Sampo in the middle of the ice field of the Gulf of Bothnia. You will board Sampo, where a guide will give you a tour of the ship from the captain´s check to the engine room. You can watch how Sampo breaks ice up to a metre thick. Everyone has the possibility to swim in the icy sea in thermal dry suits. You will also enjoy a delicious meal in Sampo´s Arctic Restaurant. After the cruise we will continue the snowmobile safari towards Kivalot. The safari will take you over the hills and through the forests of Lapland to Savota. You will take a sauna and enjoy a tasty three-course dinner at Savota cottage, which used to be hunters´ base camp in the middle of nature. After the enjoyable evening we will return to the hotel by bus.
  • Possibility to combine the safari with visit reindeer camp or winter fisher.
  • Overnight at Hotel Scandic / Merihovi

3. DAY


  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Transfer by bus to enjoy of the Rally Cars!
  • Rally car competition:
  • The best extreme-experience ever!! Try Your skills as a rally car driver! During this program You´ll drive on racetrack by yourself, and experience the unforgettable speed of the rally cars! We´ll organize a competition between all the participants. You have 15 minutes time to practice, and after there will be the real competition. How fast are you able to drive? After You´ll get a ride from our rally car driver. Who´ll drive faster? Incredible experience which You won´t forget! The best driver from the group will be prized.
  • Lunch around open fire
  • Transfer back to Kemi by bus
  • Let’s get ready for the dinner in Snow Castle! We will have a guided tour of the Snow Castle to discover this great architectural snow building.
  • 3. Course dinner at SnowCastle
  • Overnight at Hotel Scandic / Merihovi

4. DAY


  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Transfer by bus to Kemi – Tornio Airport

Group size min 10 adults

Price: on request

The following terms and conditions shall be applied for services offered and delivered for groups (minimum 10 persons) during all seasons by Taxari Travel Agency Ltd, in Kemi and any other area of where the services are delivered.
Service and prices:
Taxari Travel Agency Ltd reserves the right to change the prices in case of unforeseen increases in costs (including but not limited to taxes, fuel prices etc.) beyond the control of Taxari Travel Agency Ltd. The given prices include VAT according to the Taxation Laws and Regulations of Finland. Taxari Travel Agency Ltd uses subcontractors in transfer and safari services.
Liability and liability insurance:
Taxari Travel Agency Ltd shall exercise pro-activity, contingency, due diligence and appropriate health and safety measures in accordance with the laws and regulations of Finland and the Finnish standards of recommended practices of programme services at all times when delivering offered services under these terms and conditions. Taxari Travel Agency Ltd has a General Third Party Liability Insurance for bodily injury and property damage according to the terms and conditions of Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd.
All snowmobiles used in the safaris are insured as required by Finnish law and the coverage is subject to the above mentioned Motor Liability Insurance terms and conditions. Under the provisions, any person suffering bodily injuries is entitled to receive compensation for the cost of medical treatment, pain and suffering, and handicap, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Motor Liability Insurance and laws and regulations of Finland. Compensations are based on tariffs in accordance with laws and regulations of Finland and orders of the Finnish authorities. If an injured party has willfully or out of gross negligence caused his/her own injury, the injured party is not entitled to compensation.
As the responsible safari organizer, Taxari Travel Agency Ltd or its subcontractors reserve the right to change the routing, schedules and duration of the excursions if necessary, due to prevailing weather conditions, or if deemed advisable due to safety reasons and for the comfort of the participants. Taxari Travel Agency Ltd also reserves the right to discontinue the safari if a participant/participants are in poor health or are otherwise seen as a potential danger to himself/herself or to others.
Other injuries:
Taxari Travel Agency Ltd. may only be held liable for personal injuries or material damage arising from accidents that have happened during the delivery of the offered services and which are caused by negligence of Taxari Travel Agency Ltd or its employees or sub-contractors or by the provision of faulty equipment. Taxari Travel Agency Ltd is not liable for any accidental damage or injury which has to be indemnified under the travel insurance of a customer. Personal travel insurance is always highly recommended.
Program services can be physically demanding and the participants may be exposed to vibrations. If the Consumer is having any type of health problems, including but not limited to, heart disease, back problems or similar, or if the Consumer is pregnant, she/he should contact, prior the participation, the medical experts to make sure whether the medical experts consider him/her to be able or not to participate in the program. It´s the responsibility of the Consumer to consult Taxari Travel Agency Ltd whether he/she is capable to participate on health or any other point of view.
Deadline date for the reservation is mentioned in our confirmation or in the e-mail. After we have received your reservation confirmation, a non-refundable 20% proforma invoice will be sent electronically, unless otherwise requested. Reservation is considered confirmed when the first invoice is issued by Taxari Travel Agency Ltd. In case the 20% deposit is not received by the due date, we withhold the right to cancel the reservation.
Proforma invoice applies to accommodation, safaris, and the Icebreaker Cruise reservations. Reservation is considered confirmed when the 20% proforma invoice is received by Taxari Travel Agency Ltd.
30% proforma invoice is due 100 days prior to the group’s arrival.
50% proforma invoice is due 35 days prior to the group´s arrival.

Cancellation of the reservation (partly or totally):
More than 35 days prior to the group´s arrival – 30% reservation fee to be charged.
34 – 15 days prior to the group´s arrival – 50% of the total amount to be charged.
14 – 0 days prior to the group´s arrival – 100% of the total amount.
All cancellations / changes / re-confirmations must be made in writing and dated ( e-mail), within the office hours in Finland (9-16, +2 GMT). Changes later than 14 days prior to groups arrival: Taxari Travel Agency Ltd. withholds the right to charge extra cost for changes.
Passenger / rooming list:
To be sent to our office 14 days prior to the arrival. Necessary information: full name, gender, day of birth (dd.mm.yyyy) and nationality.
Force Majeure:
The SnowCastle, Icebreaker Cruise and safari services are subject to weather permitting. Neither Party shall be held liable for any default, damage or loss due to a Force majeure condition or any other unreasonable impairment of the Party operations due to a similar cause (including but not limited to war, strike, weather, lack of snow and ice, or other natural conditions).
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction:
These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Finnish Law.
The Finnish Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute, controversy or claim related to such a demand. The District Court of Kemi-Tornio (in Finnish: Kemi-Tornio käräjäoikeus), situated in Kemi, shall be the court of first instance. Severability if any part, term or provision of these terms and conditions are partly or wholly held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of other provisions, extent part and remainder of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.