About us

Taxari Travel Agency Ltd is a DMC office operating in Kemi – city of Snow Castle and Icebreaker Sampo, Finnish Lapland.

Taxari Travel Agency is a full-service travel agency. Whether you’re planning a holiday for just one person, a family or a larger group, all you have to do is to choose a service from our extensive range or suggest your own idea – anything is possible. We will make everything happen: activities, transportation and accommodation. In addition to Finnish Lapland and Finland as a whole, our operations cover Swedish Lapland and Northern Russia. Our competent guides will become familiar with each of the participants.Our objective is to produce unforgettable holiday experiences for our customers to give them something to remember and tell stories about for years to come.

We have been arranging tailor made incentive trips, group and individual tours since 2000.

Husky and reindeer safaris – snowmoblie safaris – cruises on Sampo icebreaker – Snow Castle – visits to Trolls and Snow queen visits – fishing trips  rafting –rally