The rugged and wild landscape of Salla is the birthplace of alpine skiing in Finland. It is here that the first Finnish championships in downhill racing and slalom were organised 70 years ago. In this cradle of skiing, we have been building upon this tradition, making it stronger than ever. The sound expertise we have gained over the years as well as the variety of slopes in Salla offer downhill skiers unique skiing experiences that are hard to replicate anywhere else. Professional alpinists from both Finland and abroad use Salla’s challenging racing slope to hone their skills.

Finland’s number one skier claims that it is the best slope you can find in Finland. We have no reason to doubt him, since Salla regularly hosts international racing events, including official European Cup races and speed skiing world cup events.The versatile ski slopes of Salla, meeting alpine standards, are always kept in excellent condition. These slopes, together with the ski trail network of varying levels of difficulty, with rest stops that meander across the beautiful, constantly changing fell scenery have memorable experiences in store for every skier, whether you prefer downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing.

Salla’s skiing slopes are sheltered from the wind and boast a long season. One of the black trails is one of Finland’s fastest. The black and red slopes are illuminated and there are two slopes especially for children

The location, services, local tales and people are Salla’s unequalled assets. Naturally, people enjoying their time at Salla have noticed this, which has increased the popularity of cosy Salla year after year. Correspondingly, Salla is determined to maintain its own sympathetic and unique approach, even in the future: all services are provided in an authentic Lapp style. That is something that everyone in Salla holds close to their hearts.

Salla’s versatile, high-level tourist services guarantee all the comforts of home, but still allow you to detach yourself completely from your ordinary everyday life. No compromises are made on amenities and services – on the contrary! In Salla, you can lay your head on a soft pillow either in a hotel or a cabin, available in a variety of standards and sizes. Restaurant services, shops, and any other services a demanding tourist may need are all close at hand. In the idyllic Salla, you’ll feel right at home. Life is just a little different in the wilderness; there, you can breathe at the same pace as the vastness around you.

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