Go downhill skiing under the midnight sun or dogsledding in the polar night. Climb Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, play snowgolf under the northern light at one of the world’s most northern golf courses or visit Icehotel, where you can sleep on an ice bed in fabulous ice suites.

In Kiruna you have the chance to experience and take part of the Sami culture and the Sami way of life. By spending time here you will also learn a lot about the short but intense history of Kiruna. Take the opportunity to visit the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine, LKAB Visitor Centre.

The area around Kiruna offers an amazing landscape, changing from mountains and cristal clear lakes to ancient woods and streaming rivers. Here you can take shorter hikes for just a few hours or longer hikes along well marked trails, by foot in the summer and by skis or snowshoes in the winter.

With six freely streaming rivers and 6200 lakes there is water enough for everyone! You can try your fishing skills or luck also in the city center, in Lake Luossajärvi, where you can find grayling and trout. Or why not try ice fishing on a beautiful winter day?