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Cottage on farm

Cottage on farm is located in a village called Aapajoki, 26km north from Tornio (E21)- The cottage is situated on a sheepfarm, where is also a traditional finnish yardsauna and lapland cabin “kota”.
The farm is 6km from Aapajoki village to Karunki churchvillage. In Karunki there is a foodstore with postservice, a gas station, masseur and a cafestore “Joenlaulu” where you can buy delicious pastries and nice gifts.

The cottage is 80 square feet which consists of a loungeroom, a kitchen, a bedroom (18 square feet), sauna, toilet and shower.

  • bedding for 6 persons
  • bedding and bath towels you can rent (view the pricelist)
  • pillows and quilts for 6 persons
  • dishes for 12 persons
  • cold store, freezer, microwave, watercooker, vacuum cleaner
  • electric cooker/stove, wood stove and wood heated baker´s oven
  • washing machine, full hd tv, cd-player, iron possibilities